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OUATIW prediction


I’m calling right now that the Red Queen’s name is Anastasia and that she broke the Knave’s heart because she had that power lust going on. That’s my head canon.


I’m not a fan of glee, not in the lest, but I unintentionally offended a friend of mine. So I made this for her to say I’m sorry.

RIP Cory Monteith






A shop in London dedicated to everything Doctor Who. 

no but the best thing is
if you pay them like three pounds
you can go into the TARDIS at the back of the store
and it leads into a mini museum of all this stuff they’ve bought from BBC auctions like it’s got old costumes and props and signed stuff and it’s really cool you should all go there
(and they take a photo of you unlocking the tardis and going in its super cute)

Aaaand the people there are super nice and cute and they put a pin on a world map on the country you’re from if you’re not native. :D
Myself and my boyfriend.
His name is Daniel.Hes almost 21. He works at a Casey’s gas station. He lives about 32 miles from me. Hes a gamer and a syfy nerd and an HP nerd, He is adorably cheesy/corny, he loves to read, and oh so romantic. Hes saying hes in this relationship for the long run. My daughter loves him, my mom likes him so far. Hell he even volunteered to take me to get my daughter from her dads which is a 3 hour drive from where i am. Hes also not going to let TC(my daughter’s dad) touch me anymore cuz TC likes to pick on me and it gets rather annoying and i hate it and TC knows this but does it anyways and Dan doesn’t like it. So hes putting a stop to it. He also wants to find a place for me and him and my daughter to live. He even said he’d like to have my daughter call him dad someday. He is so open with me. Its taking me a bit to be as open with everything. but I’m getting there. Like when there’s something wrong he like KNOWS and he will ask me if I’m ok and ask me whats wrong. Which i don’t mind. Sometimes its just a bit hard to say whats bugging me cuz I’m not used to this but I’m slowly getting there. And he likes giving me his clothes to wear. So far I have 3 hoodys of his that dont fit him and one that does, a pair of his shorts, 2 hats, a pair of his sandals that are to big for me, and a thermal shirt of his. Oh you know how in the movies a couple will cuddle in a bathtub in dim lighting for it to be romantic? We did that while he sang “Soulmates” by Josh Turner to me, It nearly made me cry and he did cry. It was unbelievably romantic. He knows everything to say to make me feel better to. Like the other night, before we got in the bath, I made the mistake to look in the mirror… Well he knew something was wrong so i told him. He looked at me. Placed his hands under my chin and smiled. Then said “You. Are. Beautiful.” and after every word he kissed me. Then he looked at me again and said he loves me the way i am and there is nothing wrong with how i look. And then last night i was missing my son cuz i haven’t seen him in over a year (gave him up for an open adoption) and Dan was soooo cute trying to cheer me up. 
Me:: baby.. i miss my son….Him:: hey sweetheartHim:: you are absolutely amazing i have never been so happy in my entire lifeHim:: i love you with all my heart and cant wait to spend our lives togetherMe:: I love you to. <3.Him:: you are sexier than anything on earth, you are more beautiful than all the girls from harry potter combined, but you wanna know the best thing of all???Me:: whats that.Him:: you are my girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Him:: :)Me:: i figured youd say that. :)Him:: i love you darling go to sleep and dream of Harry potter style parties that we will throwMe:: im not tired. I think im going to sit outside for a while.Him:: well close your eyes but baby please dont do anyrthing bad okHim:: it will all get better love you are after all snowwhiteHim:: and i am just a gryfindorMe:: No your my prince charming.Him:: who is from house gryfindor!!!!!!!!!!!!Me:: My Gryffindor Prince Charming.Him:: :)))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! night my loveMe:: Goodnight deary.
He is like the best boyfriend i could have ever asked for.